Air Belgium suspends its services to South Africa, thousands of passengers impacted

Air Belgium announced today the cancellation and permanent suspension of its flights to South Africa from October 3 due to profitability problems. This decision will affect approximately fifteen thousand passengers who had planned to travel on these routes. However, the airline is committed to offering prompt refunds of their flight tickets to minimize inconvenience for travelers.

Air Belgium had resumed flights to Cape Town and Johannesburg after an interruption due to the global pandemic. However, due to financial challenges and continued uncertainty surrounding the recovery of the travel industry, the airline has made the difficult decision to cancel these routes.

Passengers affected by this cancellation can opt for a refund of their plane tickets as soon as possible. Air Belgium undertakes to process these refunds efficiently to mitigate the inconvenience this could cause to its customers.

The airline apologized for the inconvenience caused to passengers and stressed that the decision was motivated by economic imperatives. Air Belgium will continue to closely monitor developments and hopes to be able to resume its flights to the South African country in the future when economic conditions permit.

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