Lift inaugurates an airline between Durban and Johannesburg

The airline Lift has announced the inauguration of a direct flight to connect Johannesburg to Durban. The first link was actually served by the South African air carrier which deployed its Airbus A320 on October 26 between the two local airports.

Lift’s flight schedule now includes three weekly frequencies between the two airports QR Tambo and King Shaka, which are the two most important airports when it comes to handling aircraft traffic in Nelson Mandela’s country.

Lift therefore joins three other air operators, who are already present on this axis, namely: South African Airways, Airlink and FlySafair.

It should be noted that the South African air carrier manages a fleet of 3 A320s. These are aircraft with a capacity of 180 passengers. This operator is considered in South Africa in terms of flexibility. It offers its customers the possibility of choosing their seats on board its aircraft free of charge, in addition to serving them food and drinks on board all its flights. In addition, it offers them a full refund in the event of cancellation of their flight, in the form of travel vouchers.

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