South African Airways reopens flights to Lilongwe

South African Airways has made its much anticipated return to Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe. After three long years of absence, SAA is proud to once again offer direct international flights from Johannesburg to Lilongwe with a stopover in Blantyre (twice a week by A320). This link helps provide a vital service to travelers seeking direct international connections between South Africa and Malawi.

Kamuzu International Airport had been without a connection from South Africa for over thirty months when SAA ceased service due to financial difficulties. As such, passengers have been forced to use non-direct routes to travel between the two countries.

The return of SAA will now fill this void and provide much-needed connectivity for business and leisure travelers wishing to connect for direct access to cities such as Johannesburg, Mauritius, Cape Town and Namibia.

Passengers can expect friendly onboard service combined with comprehensive IATA-compliant security measures. Travelers can also enjoy ultimate convenience with their easy booking platform that allows customers to choose the flight times that best suit their schedule.

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